Limited Edition Set

In 1986. Many of my friends told me I should do a book. I really couldn’t afford the cost of doing a book. I asked those people that wanted me to do the book if they would support me by reserving the book in advance. I told them that I would not keep their money for longer than one year. If I did not have all of the money that I needed, in one year, I would return their investment. Each one of them sent their checks. For one year I saved up the money, but fell short of the $10,000 needed to do a proper book.

In talking to the people that supported me, they suggested that they would rather have photos than have their money back. When I decided to do was to make a special limited edition set of 10 photos. The ones that I choose were very, very special photos and would only be available in this limited edition set of 10 photos. I was very surprised when everyone said they would rather have the limited-edition set, than have their money back. Since then I have not advertised the limited-edition set and consequently I have a small supply still available.

There are 10 photos in the set and the price is $125. The photos are numbered and signed by me on the back of each one. This special edition set is limited to 300 copies. The photos included in this set are very special and one-of-a-kind, and only available in this limited edition set. A few of them have special stories about the photo. This is a treasure for any Elvis’ collection.


Limited Edition Set of ten 8 by 10’s - $125.00